• Interna oznaka:

  • Nakladnik: J'ai lu

  • Godina izdanja: 1998

  • Knjižnica: Split

  • Dostupno: 1

  • Jezik: Francuski

  • ISBN: 2-290-05041-5

  • ISSN:

  • Vrsta zapisa: Povjesni Roman

Ključne riječi:


Not since Jurassic Park has a novel so enthralled readers everywhere. Now, enter the world of Neanderthal... The expedition of the century...uncovers the find of the millennium...Neanderthal. In the remote mountains of central Asia, an eminent Harvard archeologist discovers something extraordinary. He sends a cryptic message to two colleagues. But then, he disappears. Matt Mattison and Susan Arnot-- once lovers, now academic rivals-- are going where few humans have ever walked, looking for a relic band of creatures that have existed for over 40,000 years, that possess powers man can only imagine, and that are about to change the face of civilization forever.


Drugi zapisi autora: DARNTON, John

Drugi zapisi nakladnika: J'ai lu