La Géorgienne


  • Interna oznaka:

  • Nakladnik: Presses de la cité

  • Godina izdanja: 1991

  • Knjižnica: Split

  • Dostupno: 1

  • Jezik: Francuski

  • ISBN: 2-266-04143-6

  • ISSN:

  • Vrsta zapisa: Roman

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Set amidst the grandeur of Old Southern aristocracy, here is a novel that chronicles the turbulent changes of a great city--Atlanta--and tells the story of love and hate between a man and a woman. When Lucy comes to live with her cousin, Sheppard, and his family in the great house on Peachtree Road, she is an only child, never expecting that her reclusive young cousin will become her lifelong confidant and the source of her greatest passion and most terrible need.


Drugi zapisi autora: RIVERS SIDDONS, Anne

Drugi zapisi nakladnika: Presses de la cité